AlchemYoga is a project designed to promote health and happiness through the practice of yoga and holistic living. We want these to be accessible to everyone!

We are simple people with a simple idea. Make as many forms and methods of yoga available to as many people as we can, and watch the world change.

Our goal is to build a network of yoga instructors and enthusiasts who all share a strong conviction to spread enlightenment throughout this world. Whether through video, audio, or textual communication, there is an audience waiting to connect with your teachings.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient holistic practice that works with the body as well as the mind.
The term Yoga means union; union of the breath and body as well as of the body and mind. Yoga is NOT a religion. Hatha Yoga utilizes body positions referred to as postures, poses or Asana, breathing techniques or Pranayama as well as relaxation and meditation in order to achieve mind and body integration.
Yoga is believed to have been developed between 3300-1700 BC in India and was brought to the United States in the early 1900’s. Yoga is now embraced worldwide for its many physical, emotional, and psychological and spiritual benefits.

Some of the benefits of Yoga include:

  • Stress Relief – Reduction of the physical effects of stress on the body enabling relaxation.
  • Focus and Concentration – Brings you more in tune with your body and the environment around you resulting in a deeper level of focus and concentration.
  • Increased Energy – The movements and relaxation techniques utilized in Yoga result in more energy due to a well rested body and mind.
  • Flexibility – Yoga improves flexibility by lengthening the muscles, increasing mobility.
  • Strength – Holding the postures help to strengthen every muscle in the body, increasing muscle tone and stamina.
  • Balance and Coordination – Regular practice of Yoga techniques increases balance, bringing with it a stable body.
  • Body Alignment -Improves both posture and alignment while lengthening the spine and training the body to sit and stand more comfortably and correctly.
  • Weight Management – Yoga can aid in weight control efforts by toning the muscles and reducing stress.
  • Pain Relief – Eases short term discomforts as well as long term and chronic pain as you relax the body.
  • Better Breathing – Encourages slow and deeper breaths that work with the body’s movements and natural rhythms.
  • Improved Circulation – Yoga helps to move oxygenated blood to all of the organs, muscles and cells of the body.
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning – Regular practice of Yoga helps to lower the resting heart rate and increases indurance and Yogic breathing techniques lead to the absorption of more oxygen by the body.


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