Hey guys, my name is Matt Lockhart. I’m a film school graduate with a degree in production from San Francisco State University. I have experience in marketing and graphic design including animation and motion graphics work. I’m currently in charge of managing the website and have enjoyed learning every day the power of the web and our new ability to reach amazing people from around the world.

Growing up, I spent as much of my time outside running around and playing sports. My life goal was to play professional baseball. The further I got in my career, the more important stretching became. I had an interest in yoga but never had the time or a strong enough desire to give it a try. After suffering a career ending injury, I quit my daily stretching programs. After years of intense physical exertion and intense demand on my body’s performance I began to notice the lack of stretching affecting my daily life. I began to feel back pain, my posture was horrible, and had an overall lack of flexibility that hindered any physical activities I would participate in. I realized it was now time for me to give yoga a try.

As the more inexperienced member of the team, yoga has been a slow but rewarding learning process. My flexibility is returning, I feel more grounded and balanced and my posture has improved immensely. This transformation I’ve experienced has instilled in me a strong desire to share this powerful practice with others.

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