Herbal Sense: A Tea for Stress

Posted by on Oct 26, 2012
Herbal Sense: A Tea for Stress

Let the power of herbal teas help you unwind and relieve stress this fall. Try this relaxing tea recipe today!

Relax with Restorative Yoga

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012
Relax with Restorative Yoga

Supta Baddha Konasana- Supported Reclined Cobblers Pose For the past few weeks I have spent my Friday evenings teaching a Restorative Yoga class, with the intention of providing my students with an opportunity to really relax and stretch. Restorative Yoga is unique in that it involves supporting the body with bolsters, blankets, blocks or other […]

Aromatherapy for Relaxation

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012

It’s Friday again, so if you find yourself in need or some R&R at the end of today (or any day) try exploring the world of aromatherapy for relaxation. Aromas can have amazing effects on the mind and body. This is a concept most of us have some familiarity with as it is common to […]

AUDIO: It’s Friday, Time to Relax!

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012

Relaxation involves the elimination of tension and stress from the body and is an important component in a yoga practice. When we take the time to relax at the end of our yoga session, we allow the body time to integrate our practice; consolidating the effects of the Asana and Pranayama and letting the body […]