Herbal Sense: A Rose hip by any other name is…Delicious and Nutritious

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012

The season turned and winter has arrived. With the cold and damp come the sniffles, coughs, colds and flu. For ages humans have admired the rose for its beauty, but herbalists love them even after the blossom has withered and dropped. The flower may have faded away but now comes the time of the rose hip.

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose, known to be as a solid source of vitamin C (the highest concentration in fresh rose hips). It is best to cultivate the varieties Rosa Canina, Rosa Centifolia, Rosa Rugosa, Rosa Gallica and Rosa Damascena for use in oils, tinctures and teas. Hybrid and many ornamental varieties of roses have been altered and so should not be harvested for edible uses. While rose hips can be added to tea, another great way to enjoy them is as a jelly.

Rose Hip Jelly:

Quick, easy, delicious and loaded with Vitamin C


  • 1/4 C. dried Rose hips Can be found in most herbal and natural food stores.
  • Organic Apple or White Grape Juice

Take the ¼ cup of dried rose hips and place them in a small, clean, glass container.
Pour apple juice or white grape juice over the rose hips until covered, then cover the jar and place in the refrigerator overnight.
By morning, the rose hips will have re-hydrated and become pliable, and can be easily spread as jelly upon toast, sandwiches and muffins.

Because rose hip jelly made this way becomes perishable, make small amounts each time so that it stays fresh for use and prevents waste from spoilage.

Be safe, live well

Please note that the information presented in this article is for informational purposes and is not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any illness or malady and is not a substitute for seeking the advise of a qualified medical professional.

by A. Retallack

A. Retallack studies, cultivates and works with herbs in Northern California. When not playing in the dirt or doing yoga, she works in crisis communications, public relations, and teaches college.
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