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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012

Since having acupuncture sessions as a compliment to my yoga practice, I have become interested in the role of the meridians for the health of the body. These are the Chinese equivalent of what in yoga are referred to as nadis.

Each season brings into focus certain of these meridians which can become out of balance with the changing seasons. For instance at this time of year (late summer) you might want to bring the stomach and spleen meridians into balance in order to bring nourishment to the body.

The spleen meridian runs from the big toe up the inside of the leg, up through the body and along the outside of the chest.
The stomach meridian runs along the top of the foot, up the front of the leg, across the hip, up the front of the body and up the front of the neck.

If they are out of balance as you move into autumn this could lead to poor digestion, fatigue and poor immunity. The following late summer practice will help you avoid the loss of vitality that autumn can often bring by nourishing the body. The practice also allows for ‘letting go’ in preparation for the more introspective time of autumn.

Hero (stretches top of the foot- stomach meridian) to centre
Neck Stretches (front of the neck – stomach meridian)
Hamstring Slide to Half Reclined Hero (front of the hip – stomach and spleen meridians)
Puppy (front of the chest and neck – stomach and spleen meridians)
Pigeon (front of the chest – stomach and spleen meridians)
Frog (inner thighs – spleen meridian)
Child Pose
Downward Facing Dog to Wild Thing (front of the thighs, hip and chest – stomach and spleen meridians) – take a Child’s Pose then make your way to standing
Tadasana + Standing Back Bend (front of the chest – stomach and spleen meridians)
½ Moon Balance (stretches inner thigh – spleen meridian)
Dancer (front of the chest, front of the thigh – stomach and spleen meridians)
½ Lord of the Fishes (stretches the chest – stomach and spleen meridians)

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by Janet Barnes

Janet is certified to practice Hatha Yoga by the British School of Yoga and is further qualified in pre and post-natal yoga as well as children’s yoga. In the past she led yoga classes, but now offers free yoga videos on her blog

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