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Posted by on Jan 23, 2013

“The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal. – Deepak Chopra

A Transformation

In the few years that I have been practicing yoga, I have noticed a subtle transformation in my life that I’ve only recently become more aware of. This transformation reveals itself in the amazing people I have met, the incredible feeling of a tense muscle finally releasing and relaxing (It took 3 years before I experienced a comfortable painless firm pose), and the beautiful places yoga takes me. I feel this profound sense of gratitude for the experiences yoga gives me because they have, beyond a doubt, brought more strength, happiness, and love into my life. And, yoga makes dreams come true!

A Dream

I have dreamed of going to Hawai’i ever since I was a little kid, oohing and aweing at full page photographs of sea turtles and dolphins in one of my dad’s beat up National Geographic magazines. As I got older my dream never faded, but it did seem like trips to Hawai’i were awfully expensive. I figured someday I would take a vacation there after my career took off and a trip to Hawai’i wouldn’t break the bank. Little did I know, yoga would change that limiting belief I had.

Honu & Nai’a

A Journey

The AlchemYoga team is going to Hawai’i! Wanderlust O’ahu will be held at the Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of the island of O’ahu from February 28th through March 3rd. I was pleasantly shocked when I found out that I could volunteer 3 days at the festival and get a free day pass. AlchemYoga’s own Ashley Freeman is from Hawai’i, so we will have a place to stay for free. I also was able to use the rewards points on my credit card to buy my airline ticket, and only had to pay a difference of $40.00. So, including a baggage fee of maybe $30.00, I am going to Hawai’i for $70.00. The best part is, I won’t be getting caught in the tourist trap of a resort style vacation. I am going to Hawai’i with a purpose.

A Purpose

Between volunteering and enjoying the rich array of music, classes, and an inspiring yogi lineup that Wanderlust has to offer, we will be producing our second yoga video series. We haven’t decided what the focus for the video series will be yet, but I trust Hawai’i will inspire our deepest creativity. Any suggestions? Also, If you can’t join us in Hawai’i this year, we will be doing regular video blogs through the week to share with you what we are learning and experiencing at Wanderlust. Stay tuned!

Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, and Eoin Finn are just a few of the many amazing yogis attending Wanderlust O’ahu along with Michael Franti and ALO headlining on the big stage!








Full Circle

Without yoga, my mind and heart may never have opened up to the possibilities that are now revealed to me. I never would have dreamed that a trip to Hawai’i could be so inexpensive. I feel as if, when my heart’s desire aligns with a purpose, magic happens! Deepak’s words ring clear as my idea of normal changes.

Your Journey?

What yoga excursions have you been on? What yoga journeys do you dream of? Where has yoga lead you? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

by Owen Burgess

Owen Burgess is a filmmaker and editor. He has been shooting and editing TV shows, commercials, music videos, and films for over 5 years. He has been practicing yoga for about 4 years. Find and read more about Owen on



  1. Matt
    February 5, 2013

    I can’t wait! This is going to be such a fun trip! Anyone else excited for this???


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