VIDEO: A Headstand how-to with Reno

Posted by on Apr 17, 2013

A few weeks back the Alchemyoga crew was lucky enough to attend a headstand workshop with one of my long time friends and fellow yoga instructors, Reno Gorman! Following the workshop I got some one on one headstand instruction, where Reno shared a few tips for strengthening my core and also showed me a few tricks and cues that could help in my own inversion practice.
As you move into Salamba Sirsasana (aka supported headstand), remember to listen to your body, move with control and use the support of the wall if at all needed. We are all beginners at some point and have to start somewhere and the wall is a great place!

Please note that the information presented in this video is not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any illness or malady. Please seek recommendations and advise from a qualified Medical or Naturopathic practitioner before beginning a yoga practice. This information is provided as a resource only. Inversions may not be appropriate for everyone, so please only practice positions that are comfortable and safe for you body!

Reno Gorman started practicing Hatha yoga in 2002 and teaching in 2007. Trained in Raja Yoga, Acroyoga, Yin Yoga, and Capoeira, Reno leads inversion and Yin yoga workshops in addition to teaching weekly yin/yang, vinyasa, beginner and intermediate classes at The Yoga Seed Collective and Rise Yoga Studio both in Sacramento, Ca.

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Ashley Freeman is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a Wanderlust California Wayfarer. Certified in Raja Yoga, her experience includes private in-home lessons, workplace wellness programs, and group instruction teaching various class formats and yoga styles. Find her on



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