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Yogastrology : Yoga meets Astrology. The mere mention of this combo conjures up images of bright secrets and full moons. And that’s what we do here at Yogastrology: attune yoga—wellness practices with Sun—Moon cycles. Align with universal power.

Sun and Moon
I’ve been immersed in the study and practice of yoga for more than 30 years. Eventually, I began to realize that every asana (yoga pose) ultimately relates to the spine—the spine really is the key to the practice of yoga. Within the spine is the Sushumna, that subtle-body energy channel (called a nadi) that embodies the pathway of kundalini Shakti—the energizing power of the universe. On either side of the Sushumna, two additional nadis named Ida and Pingala reside. Ancient yogis knew that Ida and Pingala align our bodies with the Sun and Moon and attune us—if we’re willing—with all of creation. That explains the term hatha. Ha-tha yoga in actuality means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit. Ha = Sun. Tha = Moon.

Yogastrology: Yoga Meets Astrology
Yogastrology begins with an ancient tradition of correlations: each Sun—Moon sign (zodiac sign, month of the year) correlates with an area of the human body.

Below you’ll see a chart showing these traditional correlations. Notice the monthly Yogastrology themes; each month, Yogastrology guides us deeper into states of wellness and fulfillment not only in our physical bodies, but throughout our lives.

Head. Mars. Relaxation.
Neck. Venus. Abundance.
Shoulders. Mercury. Mindfulness and Ease.
Chest. Moon. Openheartedness.
Spine. Sun. Courage and Humility.
Abdomen. Mercury. Surrender.
Lower back. Venus. Giving and Receiving.
Pelvis. Mars and Pluto. Transformative Breath.
Hips. Jupiter. Pilgrimage.
Knees. Saturn. Dharma.
Ankles. Saturn and Uranus. Strength and Unity.
Feet. Jupiter and Neptune. Foundations.

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by Diane Booth Gilliam, M.A., E-RYT
Diane Booth Gilliam, M.A., E-RYT, created Yogastrology: yoga synched up with 12 powerful, natural cycles for happier bodies and greater spiritual awakening. Ms. Booth Gilliam’s wanderlust has led her along a serpentine path—through a M.A. in Philosophy; ten years of ashram life in India and Australia; 33+ years of hatha yoga study and practice woven in with a very successful yoga teaching career; a brief tryst with qi gong in China; and an unapologetic string of life-changing relationships with people, places, poetry, and the planets. Today Diane leads people to embody their potential using Yogastrology to live a more beautiful life. You can also visit yogastrology on Youtube and on Facebook. Also, check out yogastrology Teacher Training online.

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